Vietnam War Facts

The Vietnam War took place right after the Korean War, and it was considered to be a part of the Cold War. The Vietnam War was surely one that many people remember as it took over a period of nearly nineteen years, from 1955 to 1975. The conflict took place in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Just like the Korean War, the Vietnam War was between the Northern and Southern division of the country. Both nations had their supporting Allies and nations, which came with financial support and military support. The third party nations brought in additional military equipment on their own, so that Vietnam would need none.

China was a major head leader in the Vietnam War as their troops went into supporting the war as well. US army officials and South Vietnamese officials joined forces and took on search and destroy missions in the area. They made artillery strikes along with airstrikes using jets and fighter planes. In the US, government leaders proposed that they would send in troops once they confirmed the real situation that the war was running on. In 1960, the US sent in troops and in 1961, the amount doubled again. There were several US combat units that were sent over and deployed in the war in 1962. The two regions pertaining to Laos and Cambodia were heavily hit by bombs.

By the year 1966, the largest American project had been started in the Vietnam War. The goal of the mission was to find the Vietcong Base for Saigon. Close to eight thousand troops were sent to find the base, but they failed with no result. By the end of 1966, a total of three hundred and eighty five thousand troops were sent in, including sixty thousand American sailors. An estimated six thousand American soldiers had been killed along with thirty thousand wounded. In the years 1972 and 1973, peace talks took place in Paris. The peace talks were held between American officials and North Vietnamese officials. Over the length of the war, three million American soldiers served in the Vietnam War.

An official cease fire was signed in 1973, which lead to the end of the American troop actions. All the troops returned from the war in 1973, leaving the advisors. During the departure, seven thousand South Vietnamese refugees were saved from the Saigon region. Throughout the fifteen years of the Vietnam War, one million Vietcong troops died and a quarter million South Vietnamese troops were killed. The amount of financial and military loss for America was regarded as the most in the history of wars, as they lost over nine hundred aircrafts and eight hundred trained pilots. Due to the war, innocent civilians lost their lives as well, which included both women and children.