Vietnam War Silver Star Recipients

The Silver Star is a prestigious award that is regarded as the third-highest honorary military award. Any member of the American United States Armed Forces could be nominated to get the Silver Star Medal. The award is given to a soldier who has proven to be gallantry and shown the true defense when dealing with the enemy of the United States. The next highest award a person from the United States Armed Forces could get is the Distinguished Service Cross or the Air Force Cross. The medal is featured on a red, blue and white ribbon that holds the golden star with the embedded Silver Star. The second highest award in the military is the Medal of Honor.

Silver Star Award Background

Silver Star

Silver Star

Vice President Dick Cheney was known to give the Silver Star Medal to Army Specialist Monica Lin Brown as part of Airborne. The official Silver Star award was introduced in 1942, as part of the US Navy. The Silver Star was brought into action through an Act of Congress and it was considered a success. The National Department of Defence does not hold any records regarding the medals and their recipients. There is a large third party military groups that keep the data on record, and it is estimated that on average, one hundred and twenty five thousand Silver Star Medals have been awarded. Since the establishment of the award, several thousand troops have been given the third highest medal in the military.

What Does the Silver Star Medal Look Like?

What does the Silver Star Medal look like? The Silver Star is basically a star, more specifically a five pointed star, which is about an inch and a half thick. In the center of the large golden star, you will see the 5mm Silver Star that is imposed on the medallion. As the medal is awarded for being gallantry in action, the back of the medallion has the words “For Gallantry in Action” embossed. There are both female and male recipients of the Silver Star medal. The Vietnam War Silver Star Recipients are Wayne Fisk, Bernard Fisher, Jerauld Gentry, David Hackworth, Iceal Hambleton, Carlos Hathcock, Diego Hernandez and Joe Hooper along with a number of others. Even though thousands of people served in the Vietnam War, not all of them got the chance to get the Silver Star.

Who Earned the Silver Star During Vietnam?

The very privileged and hard working soldiers and captains got the chance to get the Silver Star Medal. The Vietnam War was a major war in American history, as it caused a ton of controversy in the states. When America announced that they were going into Vietnam for the War, a large portion of the population stood against the idea. American Navy Seals and Troops were sent in to fight the war, and thousands came back home safe just as they went. The Vietnam War Silver Star Recipients were very well trained and they showed that they would do anything to defend their country.

To find out if a family member or someone that you are researching was awarded the Silver Star during the Vietnam War, you can conduct a free search at the U.S. Government’s Archives site at: